Distribute music/music releases online by selling and playing your songs through iTunes , Spotify , Apple Music , Deezer , TikTok and other digital music stores worldwide.


No Registration

You can directly send the music you want to distribute by filling out the  SEND MUSIC

Custom Labels

Can release music under its own Label name or use www.songvax.com

Fast Process

7 to 14 working days from the approval of your data, music can be streamed live on all  Digital Music Store in collaboration with www.songvax.com.

Youtube Copyright Free

The Artist’s YouTube videos are free from copyright claims and all copyrights belong to the Artist. Please use the form Copyright Manager to exempt your YouTube Videos/Music from claims.

Lifetime / Forever

Your music will be live forever on the Music Store in partnership with www.songvax.com (unless Release www.songvax.com and/or partners make changes).



Provide WAV audio files (44.1Khz/44.8Khz - 16bit/ 24bit) and Artwork/ Cover (with a minimum resolution of 3000 x 3000 pixels/ square size).

Send Data

Click the SEND MUSIC button and fill in the details according to your music or song data. Pay attention to the instructions in each section to speed up the verification and clearance process.

Moderation / Validation

Our team performs verification to ensure that the release is ready for us to distribute and we will notify you of the verification result via the email you provided.



$ 99 .00 /yr
  • Copyright: 100%
  • Royalti: 85% Artis
  • Label: Yes


$ 199 .00 /yr
  • Copyright: 100%
  • Royalti: 95% Artis
  • Label: Yes
  • The release process will be done after the payment is received. Don’t forget to confirm the payment via Here or via WhatsApp by attaching proof of payment.
    Live forever in music store partners Release SONGVAX that has an Active status (unless there are changes in the music store).

    Have questions related to the services we provide or about online music distribution? Please contact us